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Sagging like a grumpy duvet

This Sage De Cret liner jacket has been tucked away over at Superdenim for a few weeks now. And it seems like they’ve still got all the sizes. Evidently no mad-stacks-packing lunatic has come across this yet. Where do you find one medium, one large and one extra large dude who each considers £545 a triviality? Not sure. Maybe they’re reading this now? If you’ve got a fat wallet and fit within that general size scheme you might want to read on.

What we’re looking at here is a reverser. One side fleecy faux fur, the other a wool/linen blend with geometric stitch detail. Personally, I think feel the ecru fleece thing was thoroughly played last winter, which still leaves one side. But that’s cool, the stitch detail kills; with that on display you’re a graphic designer cum crystal healer; rocking a badgery beard, a beanie and an tiresome line in spiritual pub conversation.

The chunky-ass zip feels on point, as does the fluid shape. Look at it, just sagging like a grumpy duvet. Teamed with the wide-leg, cuffed pants (as pictured) is bang on. You’d look like a guy who makes a living chalking pictures on the pavement, who after 12 months finally collects £545 and then implausibly spends it all at Superdenim on this coat.

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