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A semi-tumescent towel

Kapital, the Japanese brand so frequently lauded on these pages, has landed in Peckham. Alpha Shadows has received a huge drop; a no-filler assembly of coats that defy coat hangers, and tops thrashed into revealing their beauty through relentless and arcane washing techniques. There are socks that look like quilts and scarves that look like pillows – haberdashery as clothing is something of a Kapital signature. I’ll leave you to discover the more expensive pieces yourself and instead concentrate on more some more pocket-liking entry-level pieces, the scarves.

There are five scarf styles, two versions/sizes of the colourful granny-style patchwork and three that sit in the indigo-fanciers camp. Check ‘em out: one features a circular stitched motif, one follows a more familiar boro agenda (but with the addition of gold paint?) and the final piece is fleecy, stripy and looks like a skinned cuddly tiger.

What unites all these pieces is their construction. Padded and with a hole at one end to tug the other end though, the Kapital scarf virgin is going to feel a bit odd initially. They feel big and muffler like. They throttle you with soft, they ride high, they dominate your neck; you’ll fiddle with it loads. And then you’ll get it. As marvellously odd as they may appear to some, Kapital scarves are actually practical. Sure, if you de-couple the ends they kind of hang there, jutting out, like a semi-tumescent towel. But lashed into position, on a nippy day, there’s nothing better.

As you might have gathered, I have first throat experience. I own one of the granny-styles, but I’m totally in the market for another. It’s between the boro and the circular stitch? It’s already clear to me that having a wide selection of Kapital just a short walk from my home is going to present a problem.

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