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My axeless lumberjacking still needs work

Right now, if I had to, I’d fight myself for this jacket. I’d probably lose. I’m not terribly good at fighting. I remember, as a younger man, trying to chop a solid wooden beam with my bare hands. You know, like they do in the films. I had come to the conclusion that success was more in the spiritual than the physical realm. Shortly after, I concluded it wasn’t. And my agressively bruised hands stood testament to the fact that what they do in the films isn’t always the same in actual life. Today however, with this jacket, I could at least dress like Bruce Lee. Even if my axeless lumberjacking still needs work.

GENTRY-NYC-Arpenteur-Chinoise-Jacket-307_grande GENTRY-NYC-Arpenteur-Chinoise-Jacket-289_grande GENTRY-NYC-Arpenteur-Chinoise-Jacket-306_grande
You can grab this chinoise  jacket by Arpenteur over at Gentry. It’s 320 dollar dollar bills, which is probably just over a couple of hundred quid. I think that’s pretty reasonable. It’s obviously all about the Chinese button knot closure details. Which interestingly have found their way onto a garment of French origin. The global exchange of culture; it’s aces isn’t it…

GENTRY-NYC-Arpenteur-Chinoise-Jacket-311_grande GENTRY-NYC-Arpenteur-Chinoise-Jacket-304_grande
… It’s the reason I can have a traditional Spanish Crispy Chicken Legend with Salsa and a classic Italian Viennetta for pudding. And it’s the reason a younger version of me watched a badly dubbed film, and came to believe a solid oak beam would shatter when struck with the side of my hand.

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