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Gots to keep things fresh

Never owned an Engineered Garments hooded interliner. Been tempted. It’s a season-on-season staple for the brand; a vaguely odd, one-size-fits-all shoulder sheath, tied at the side and worn, at least according to the Nepenthes style guide, over or under anything whatsoever. I’ve stayed on the fence due to questions I have around the interliner’s practical value. I mean, what weather demands half a sweater? And a hood?

While doubtless interesting as an object, I’ve always felt the balance of justifiably practical and dangerous affectation was pitched the wrong way. All of which would suggest that a version featuring both a monochromatic check and a knitted floral would register, at least to me, as unbearably outré.

And yet… and yet…

As discussed before, menswear is currently embracing pattern clash. And while offensive terms like ‘fashion’ or ‘trend’,  rarely appear on this site, there is, after all, only so much olive, black and navy you can wear before fatigue starts to set in. Gots to keep things fresh.

This would allow you to mess with pattern, without over committing. Maybe try it over stripes, or under stripes. Or a smaller flower print. Or just play safe and toss it over a denim shirt. Logically, half a sweater with a hood is hardly essential to life. But at least it’d inject a brief snatch of fun. Before you drift back to commuting, deadlines, Brexit, Trump, global warming, the rise of the right etc…

This piece first landed over at Digital Mountain, although The Bureau are now offering a variation featuring more flower pattern, less check. It’s just under two ton, so you’ll want to get your mind straight before you commit. Will you persist with it? Will you find ways to get value from it? But (financial straits depending) I think it’s worth its money. You may not like the word ‘fashion’, but over time menswear does morph and modify. It’s decision time brotherman.

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