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As the robots feed your brain to a mind worm

It seems like just the other day I was pointing and laughing at a Sacai camo jacket with a lampshade sewn on. It seems like it, because it was it. It was last Wednesday. And yet, already, here we are again looking at Sacai. Still pointing. But not laughing.

A significant Sacai drop has just landed at Canadian outpost Haven (the guys behind Intelligence magazine and recently their own line) and it’s rammed with expensive as fuck heaters. As well as variations around Sacai’s signature nylon hemmed, tie-cord shirting, there are trousers with patched, zig-zag stitched pockets, asymmetrically zippered knits, faux-fur trapper hats and an assortment of inside-out, chopped and spliced outerwear. There’s also this wool knit.

This is what you wear to look good during an extinction level event – it’s like an unGodly melding of Scottish knitwear aficionados Inverallan and Netflix’s endless slate of sci-fi Originals. You’d look good in this even as the robots feed your brain to a mind worm.

It’s a mixed fabric design. You’ve got 100% wool, you’ve got flight jacket nylon, you’ve got the kind of sleeve pocket you’d find on a MA-1 – ideal for a sneaky concussion grenade. Plus (another Sacai signature this) there’s an uneven hem – the wool goes so far down, the nylon panels go further.

Simultaneously beautiful and confusing, it’s a premium piece of menswear. With an equally premium price; this is a £656 sweater. It’s the kind of piece you’ll only ever see worn by someone in Dover Street Market; more then likely someone who actually works there. In fact, I’m not even sure this kind of garment can actually exist outside boutique land. It’s almost too luxe. And certainly too pricey. I mean, even if you owned this and worked in Dover Street, surely at some point you have to nip to M&S for a smoked ham and coleslaw? Or B&Q for a tin of Ronseal? Does this level of knitwear even function in normality? Or would it slowly evaporate? Like global enthusiasm for yet another sci-fi Netflix Original.

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