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The CEO of a wind chime start-up

Pre-dishevelled jeans, be they sand-blasted, scribbled on, or God forbid, ripped, are frequently a disaster area. Witness the legions of regional Don Juan’s in calf-clinging abominations; slashed at the knees, throttling at the ankles. That they go sockless in winter, with flimsy ASOS plimsolls or… Read More

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Denizens of the compost aisle

The above image from Chicken Shack’s Instagram makes these Sassafrass jeans look extremely strong. Loose, riddled with contrast top-stitching, plenty of utilitarian pocketery… what’s not to love. They’re clearly a little cropped, but the way the shot works, the length looks about right. Although a… Read More

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Just another drone

Interesting to see eastern influences permeating the robustly London centric brand YMC. Looking like something you’d expect from Blue Blue Japan, Tigre Brocante or orSlow, these ‘Hand Me down’ trousers have got the Boro influence, if not stitched, then certainly printed, all over them. I… Read More