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Everything feels numb

My enthusiasm for Inverallan knitwear is well documented on this site. After writing this post, my girl surprised me with my first Inverallan; a simple navy crew neck; robust, knotty and perfect. Coincidently I’m wearing it as I write. It’s warm. And looks luxe. Wearing this I feel around 17% more attractive.

Course menswear stands still for no man, so I’m already examining other items rather like the sweater I now own, but also different enough to entertain another purchase. Enter this knit from Japanese brand Joe McCoy.

This is different from your standard Inverallan in price. This is £365, my Inverallan was £219. Which is a £146 ouch. This is cotton, mine is wool and I’ve got to be honest, my history with cotton sweaters is not positive, I find it’s the elasticity of fit that goes first. Nevertheless, there are some pluses to the Joe McCoy. It’s indigo dyed for one. It’s got that pleasing, slightly mottled finish, that speckled aesthetic that comes with the tiny flecking of white amongst the blue – it can’t really be faked. Secondly, it’s got pockets.

Pockets on this kind of aran style? All a bit granddad no? A bit humbugs in the pocket; granddaughter bouncing on knee; smiles; laughter; breath feels tight; coronary artery blockage; everything feels numb; can’t see; the whine of an ambulance approaching…

Nonsense of course. While based on 40’s and 50’s Americana, Joe McCoy’s goods manage to feel entirely contemporary. I wouldn’t OD on it. Invest in a full Joe McCoy’s fit and you can easily end up looking like a Spitfire pilot. But worn sparingly (teaming this piece with wide pants and clean kicks say) it offers an enviable sense of utilitarian luxury. All you need to ask yourself is whether you’ve got a spare three and a half for a sweater?

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