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Who blinks first

There are a couple of reasons why End Clothing is so successful. Firstly, they’ve masterminded an effective long term growth strategy incorporating both bricks and mortar and massive global digital reach, engendered support from a superior range of brands at presumably favourable rates, while simultaneously serving everyone from the luxe consumer to the sneaker aficionado.  Secondly, when the weather’s cold, they don’t put Inverallan knitwear in the sale.

I’ve spent the last few years developing a layering wardrobe. You know,  jackets under jackets, gilets over blazers, smock-type-things over and under anything. Knitwear, proper chunky sweaters, have been totally absent from my mix. The thing is, the nation’s weatherpersons are forecasting sub-zero and I’m still wearing a sandwich of cotton, nylon and more cotton. I’m cold. And I keep coming back to Inverallan. Look at this thing. Knotty and ribbed like a porn star’s dong and twice as warm.

I’ve wanted an Inverallan knit for years, but as I say, I’ve been somewhat distracted by permutations of olive, grey and navy cotton. A sweater like this (called an 1A cable knit jumper) would murder the incoming frost. And I think, teamed with a pair of wide baker-style trousers and a mildly effervescent shoe, it’d look pretty modish. My only reservation is around sizing. I’ve been stung before buying a ‘classically fitted sweater’. I once picked up a knit from a North Sea Clothing sample sale. It was size medium. Evidently I’m not. It hugged so tight you could see what I had for breakfast. Disaster for me, another win for Save the Children.

Though actually, sizing isn’t my only reservation. As I’ve pointed out, Inverallan are currently not in the sale. And at this time of year, I’m conditioned to consider ‘full price’ to be the domain of the foolish. So I guess I’ll wait. Just a 20% reduction would work. One day I’ll buy my proper Scottish ‘cottage’ knit. For now it’s just me and End Clothing. We’ll see who blinks first.

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  1. AmericanIdle

    A knit to drown in. Blue ‘d be the “handsomely “ choice.

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