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Buy something you don’t need

This is one of the few times during a year when the brand Sacai becomes affordable. Comparatively. But with a sale come dangers: mishaps, mistakes and mispurchases and (in a perfect reversal of the rest of the year) those moments when your wallet is bigger than your eyes.

Sacai is the perfect brand to fuck up with in the sale. During off-sale periods it’s so rudely expensive you just want it all. You can’t have it, so you want it. Then the sale drops and you’re fresh out of Christmas, trousering a cash stuffed brown envelope from your folks. Suddenly Sacai’s on sale in Dover Street. The piece you’ve wanted all year has sold out, but there’s still other stuff… It’s Sacai, you’ve got to buy something. Haven’t you?

This grey sweat is over at Haven. It’s similar in style to a navy knit we looked at back in September. As you’ll see, it features a mix-up of fabrics, with a spongy cotton and nylon used for the body and MA-1 style nylon for panels and pocketing. An uneven hem takes this a couple of steps towards the avant-garde, yet it remains simple and wearable enough to slot into more conservative fits. I’m not saying this is the shit or anything. But it’s an interesting piece and one that’d fill the Sacai shaped hole in a menswearist’s closet currently absent of the brand.

I went to the Dover Street sale last week. I looked at the Sacai. I didn’t buy anything. They certainly didn’t have this sweat. It was mostly trousers that looked too slim. Thick tees reduced to £150 and one white shirt. It was a nice white shirt with the signature Sacai drawstring at the hem. My girl pushed me to get it. But, you know, finances are tight, and I’ve got plenty of white shirts and as I say, I didn’t. I just came home and wrote this piece encouraging you to buy something you don’t need instead.

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