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New year, same inconvenient pricing

Let’s start 2019 as we mean to go on, with an amazing pair of shoes,  seemingly available only in Japan and the US, and so costly that even those with a healthy envelope of leftover Xmas money will need to secure a supplemental finance arrangement. Sound like a plan?

It’s site favourite Yuketen again. These being a new style called The Yukerolean. Derived from a traditional alpine shoe, they’re made in Yuketen’s partner factory in Italy, where they’ve been making alpine styles since the 1920s. They’re not a million miles away from Paraboot’s Michael style, but with the crucial addition of some pinked leather welts. Take a look at the upper and the insole, see those notched leather pieces? Those are your pinked leather welts. Stitched in a Norwegian style to create a waterproof seal, they’re both practical and, stylistically speaking, elevate the shoe to unnatural levels of heat.


Personally, I’d use these as a punctuation for a clean, all-navy look: they’re busy enough and luxe enough to do the job. It’d be tempting to get all matchy matchy with tan cords, but I’d fear it’d give rise to a suggestion of fogeyism. There’s a fine line with pieces like this. While an interior featuring mid-century modern furniture is enlivened by the addition of contemporary lamps and ceramics, so too ‘heritage’ footwear benefits by being framed with the new.

You can grab these over at San Francisco’s Union Made and Osaka’s Uncle Sam. But get ready… they’re $1,048. It’s a price so inconvenient that Union Made even offer a $93 a month payment plan. Not sure I want to get into that kind of hock this early in the year. Even for a pair of shoes this cool.

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