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Enough tricksy detail to intimidate the average ‘No Deal’ bumpkin

If you’re visiting friends and famalam over Yulemas, you’ll want to look good: like you’re a success, like you know what’s going on, like you’ve got life by the antlers. This is especially true if your holiday destination is a provincial town in the heart of Brexit country. At least if you lose your cool, trying to explain for the 40th time how exporting goods and services are not the same thing, your outfit will not.

Fortunately a brand new drop at Alpha Shadows contains just the thing.

This corduroy jacket (or is it a blazer really?) comes from Japanese brand Tatamize. And while it offers sufficient family-gathering-smartness, it also boasts enough tricksy detail to intimidate the average ‘No Deal’ bumpkin.

The A-line cut means it tapers out a little through the body to the hem, while the unusual stand-up collar design means you can take things in a late-period-Beatles direction if you choose. You’ll notice it features wooden buttons too; not a detail I’m usually in love with, but in this context they just about manage to side-step Hobby Craft connotations. For me, it’s the jumbo pocket detail on the left side that murders. Look at it, it’s leaning the ‘wrong’ way. Your average Daily Mail reader will be mortified.

It’s a beautiful piece from a little known brand, ideal for stamping your style all over a festive gathering. And that’s it. Although, just to be clear, I make no apology for interweaving Brexiteer bashing into my usual dispatches from the frontline of interesting menswear. I currently feel more strongly about the foolishness this country is exhibiting than I do the appropriate depth of a turn-up, which is, on balance, probably a good thing.

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