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Equally poncey thoughts

I bought a faux fur Engineered Garments gilet a couple of years back. It’s reversible actually, black and furry one side, blue canvas the other. Unfortunately, I bought a size medium and due to the thickness of the fur it’s too snug for me. Just another impulse purchase destined for my girl’s wardrobe.

My intention was to wear it, furry-side up, but underneath a medium weight jacket; offering ostentatious glimpses of phoney pelage whenever the wind caught my jacket – yes, I really am this self-obsessed. However, as I say, it was not to be. Although, as we speak, I am in the middle of some equally poncey thoughts concerning this fleece.

Last winterstide fleeces were a thing and I resisted them. Primarily because they were a thing. Now they are still a thing, but I’m becoming fatigued by my own obstinance on the matter. I’m starting to feel like joining the fleece party. But of course, buying a rusty, browny, conkery coloured one like everyone else patrolling the high-street is not an option. Hence this. It’s navy, it’s a fleece, it’s by Manastash and it’s a trifling 150 Christmas coins.

It’s got a little Manastash badge on it, which isn’t ideal, but it’s subtle enough. You’ve also got a zip up the front, a couple of side pockets and, according to retailer Goodhood, “a zipped chest pocket”; presumably it’s on the inside. There’s also some navy trim on the pockets and covering the zip, detail that in my opinion makes it.

Going back to my original desires for a bit of furry ostentation, I do realise fleece isn’t going to do the same job as faux fur. It’s going to be significantly less dandyish and considerably more utilitarian. That said, it would provide a bit of texture to an otherwise flat cotton fit. And maybe that’s enough. Or maybe it isn’t. Basically I just wish I’d bought that EG gilet a size up.

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