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Full Blurhms SS17 lookbook

Ostensibly, Japanese imprint Blurhms preaches simplicity verging on minimalism. Look closer though and their work reveals the kind of design minutia people can’t help glaring at. Down a la-di-da cafe trying to slice an Iberian soda bread toasty on a tiny piece of slate? Piddling around the Design Museum pretending to be fascinated by a sofa made of human hair? Whatever flamboyant bullshit you fill your life with, wear some of this new season Blurhms and at least some eyes will be on you. All be they envious, begrudging and hollow.


Apparently, the brand name Blurhms originates from a slang expression which combines “blur” and “hmm…” It’s a fact that means little to me, but exists on the Blurhms site, so must have some relevance. Anyway, it’s Japanese, it’s difficult to buy in the UK (try Garbstore), I know from the Blurhms I own that the quality is beautiful, and if you want my picks for SS17, check out the shirting with the button placket strap, the loose trousers and that pale blue army jacket (above), destroyers all.

bl-012 bl-011 bl-010  bl-008 bl-007 bl-006 bl-005  bl-003 bl-002 bl-001


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