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Most suitable tool for body

Meanswhile is one of those Japanese brands that has no presence in the UK. Like, none. If you want to buy it, you’ll need to get busy over on their webshop, bringing a proxy service to bear, as well as a tolerance for unpredictable customs charges. That said, it looks like nothing else right now: astonishing attention to detail, a beautiful sandy palette and a way with undulating button plackets that verges on the unhinged.

meanswhile.002After XE has worked its binary alchemy, you can expect to drop 400 quid on a coat, which I feel is in the sphere of reasonableness.


Needless to say, if you check out their site, you’ll also benefit from some fantastic, poorly translated Japanese design philosophy. “Most suitable tool for body“, they say. Meaning clothes presumably? “Clothes are not only a costume but also a tool as a daily wear“: yep, gonna want to, like literally, wear them. Although I’m not sure about the phrase, “Design for tool.” Should I be taking offence at that?

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