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Save the nature

Stupid shit I want #4368. It’s a little corduroy pouch. A pencil case basically. I don’t use pencils. Or pens really. You could use it for makeup. But I don’t use that either. From the image it’s difficult to ascertain it’s dimensions, but I’m guessing it’s small. Like a wallet. It’s only 18 quid. And I want one.


I just like the patches. Particularly, ‘Save The Nature’, which makes no grammatical sense, but is all the more appealing for it.


These are by Weekend(er), a Japanese company knocking out all sorts of reasonably ‘lifestyle’ merch, from cups, to totes, to umbrellas. Check the range over at Garbstore.


I’ll probably grab one of these. And I’ll put it inside a bigger, day bag. And it’ll probably stay there. Unseen, unappreciated and unused. 18 quid well spent.

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  1. glide27

    It may sit with my packable Battenwear shopping bag, my assortment of Karabiners and multi tools in my bag….But we know where it is

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