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Run for the hills 

Japanese brand Snow Peak make climbing and outdoorsy stuff. They even make those tin cups proper beardy camping bros use. Consequently, I’m assuming all the pockets on this denim pullover have a defined use. You know, to store your belay device, wallnuts, power crunch chalk and other stuff I’ve just Googled. I don’t care about the proper use. I’d stick my phone, keys and wallet in this thing, just like every other normal. I mean climbing? What’s that all about? It’s not watching Detectorists with six bags of Space Raiders, I know that much.

It’s over at Oi Polloi (which professional menswearists will have guessed from the hanger in the pic). I’ve got a lot of love for the pockets and apron detail here. Worn a little on the large side, hanging out, buttoned right up: it’s a proper weapon.


It’s not for cheapskates though. The 260 quid swing ticket will have many running for the hills. Which of course, without the proper shirt, may leave you dangling off a cliff without the correct pocket for your crampons.

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