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Efilevol: For those non-existent occasions when a sensible number of pockets isn’t appropriate

When is too many pockets, actually, properly, too many? We’re all familiar with excessively pouchy clothing. South2 West8 won’t knowingly release a garment with fewer that six pockets. While Engineered Garments and Sassafrass appear to be in a battle to see who can stick the most pockets on a pair of shorts — I still maintain there’s room to store a book of matches between a man’s scrotum and anus.

Of course you usually see this kind of compartment-heavy gear in denim, chambray and ripstop cotton — tough-guy fabrics, intended for proper blokes who like tools, bags of tools and mending stuff with tools. But then they actually end up on Nesquik drinking softies like me. And I don’t know one end of a claw hammer from the other.

Is it all a bit fraudulent? I don’t need battle-ready cloth and an absurd amount of pockets to sip a latte and make a gif. Maybe I just like the idea of people assuming I’m as useful as Bear Grylls, without actually having to bite the head off a fish?

So what about a more lifestyle-friendly approach? What if you parked the action-man fabrics, but kept the stupid amount of pockets? Would that work? Fortunately, Japanese brand Efilevol are all over this shit.

Check out this nonsense of pockets. If you’re looking for the dictionary definition of too many pockets, this is it. I can’t imagine Efilevol would flinch at the idea of a small pocket tucked behind a bloke’s conkers.

You can grab this over at Shop Tokyo. It comes in two colours. A sort of chicken dhansak and the kind of anonymous blue usually seen on photocopier repair men who still live with their mum.

The shirt itself looks nice and loosely cut, in typewriter cotton apparently. And other than the preposterous level of pocketing, it appears perfectly wearable. But obviously it’s exactly that preposterous level of pocketing that’s the USP here. It’s just a wall of cavities. Does this many pockets work on a non-utilitarian fabric? Does this many pockets work full stop?

I’ll leave that up to the individual. I know my mind and my mind says don’t buy it. Although in such circumstances the prospective buyer might look to the retailer for guidance. Unfortunately we’re talking about Shop Tokyo here. A none-more Japanese, Japanese shop. So it’s out with Google Translate and in with advise like:

Just because it’s very good. It seems to be normal, not normal, and very convenient.”

Which, in fairness, sums this up pretty well.

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