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Funset of Art: An anime Buster Scruggs

This is one of those ‘I dunno?’ pieces. Lying precisely on the fault-line between essential and head-slapping mistake.

There’s so much going on, it’s difficult to make sense of it all. Four different blues, bandana patterned trim, turbo-cowboy pockets — what’s it trying to be? As a picture of the Wild West through a Japanese lens, it’s difficult to imagine anything more literal. Add a Boro patched stetson, a faithful horse with giant spinning eyes and a pistol that shoots dreams and you’re ready to star in an anime version of Buster Scruggs.

The brand is Funset of Art. Over on their brand site they appear to be high-end sashiko-likers. Grizzled old denim, mended and re-worked into one-of-kind-garments. This piece, sold at Uncle Sam, looks like part of a run of seasonal pieces — more straightforward fabrics, but with an emphasis on the creative.

I do like the white pop buttons. Although again, they’re western style. Featuring little gold rims — doubtless panned from a creek in Sierra Nevada. The shape (as standard as it is) also appeals. The v-neck makes it an ideal t-shirt throw-over and the addition of the hip pockets offers the kind of practical touch something like this needs.

Ultimately the struggle is with the conspicuous level of detail. Even without the stetson, are you going to look a bit hyper-real? A bit Coen brother’s cowboy? I’ve been on the fence, but now I’m jumping off. It’s not for me. I respect what Funset of Art are doing. But this isn’t going to make it past the swing doors into my saloon.

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