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Half-suppressed sniggers: exactly what you want

Tanktops rule. Call ’em gilets, popovers, vests… The fundamental principle of a sleeveless body you can yank over a tee, or a shirt is still giving me the feels. So far this season the Engineered Garments ‘Cover Vest‘ has been owning the space – Instagram’s inundated with cop-shots. And with good reason, it’s an amazingly versatile piece, immediately elevating any fit. But there are some interesting alternatives. Conspicuously absent from western Instagram feeds is this piece from Ohh! Nisica.

Available in thick off-white cotton, or denim, this tanktop balances simplicity with noteworthy detailing. And the detail isn’t there to just look good, it’s all about function and ease of use. There’ll be no tugging, yanking and thumbing yourself into this; it unzips, it unpops; you’ll be able to drop this over almost anything.

For me, this kind of garment instantly transforms a standard pair of jeans and shirt into a look. Put simply, most guys are not wearing tanktops these days. And if they are it’s more likely to be the kind of forest green, v-necked, rough wool garment worn by rural land owners and the men who poach from them. This is not that. It’s got a round boaty neck. It’s got contrast snap buttons on the shoulder. Walk into a country pub in this and you can expect wrinkled brows and half-suppressed sniggers. Which is exactly the result you want.

It may not be farmerish, but there’s certainly an earthy, arty, vaguely bohemian feel. Particularly if (like the bro above) you pair with the whole giant trousers and a bucket hat combo. Dude looks like his primary source of income is making model dragons out of seas shells. Again, mad desirable.


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