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I’m ashamed

My girl’s been away for three days, at a hen do in Barcelona. Yesterday I got so bored I ate her Easter egg. It was a big Smarties one. I ate it all in one go. I’m ashamed. But it was nice. Now I have… Read More

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Confessions of a Content Marketer

At first glance this looks like something you’d see squashed amongst other vintage treasures on a rail in Camden Market. So defiantly is it drawing from the past, with its oversized collar and key-party colour scheme, it’s difficult to imagine it originating beyond the 70s.… Read More

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Stick two fingers up to the man

It’s fascinating how effectively the past presages the future. Plato’s writing on the collapse of democracies predicts a terrifying chain of events. Events that appear to already be well underway on the global political stage. And then look at the forewarning in the furious, confused,… Read More