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Haversack: Same vibe, fewer orifices

I never pushed the button on a pair of Engineered Garments FA Pants. You know the one’s —  a five pocket phalanx up front; about as utilitarian as trousers get. I suspect they’ve been a hit as I’ve seen a number of Instagram dudes successfully carrying them off.

They’re a bit too pockety for me. I’m not sure my finely nuanced personalty could overcome the sheer volume of compartments. I don’t want to be the support act for my own slacks.

Hence my interest in these from Haversack. Same vibe, fewer orifices.

Just the three patch pockets on these, which, having counted up my day-to-day accoutrements, I think is probably enough. You’ve got 8oz denim in the mix here and an appropriately loose silhouette  — no one wants to make out the outline of your iPhone butted up against your genitals.

It’s a timeless military style, much like the EG model, but with there’s a bit more restraint shown around pocketing. Dial back a couple of years and I was getting extremely excited by the idea of more pockets than strictly necessary on any garment. It’s possible I got a bit carried away. I’m now stuck with numerous pieces by Sassafras, Eastlogue and (yes) EG that I don’t often reach for.

The sands of time. The changing of the guard. Maybe less is more, and more is less again? Or maybe I just like the look of these trousers?

Who even cares? I’m boring myself now.

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