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Unfil: banishing stylistic impotence

I haven’t been wowed by much this season. Maybe I’ve reached peak clothing. Or perhaps I’ve just been emotionally lobotomised by the constant avalanche of shit news. But I’m not getting excited by anything. Engineered Garments are offering asymmetric zips, muddy patterns and a battalion of belted coats and I can’t get onboard with any of it. And that jazz stuff with musical notes down the sleeves? I’m sure I’ve seen that stuff at Camden Market.

I like the Needles sweater I posted about the other day, but that’s about it. I’ve dozed on Sasquatchfabrix and Monitaly. While CDG Homme are knocking out stuff that looks like last winter’s EG and then there’s that horrible CDG Shirt x Futura collaboration. Everything looks the same (or worse) than stuff I already own.

Doubtless I’m a twat. A spoilt, whiny crybaby with nothing left to buy. Boo-hoo me. Boo-fucking-hoo.

I just want something to come along and smack me out of this malaise. I want to see something I really want, something to banish this stylistic impotence.

It could be this liner jacket. I’ve got liner jackets. You’ve got liner jackets. But not in powder blue. And not with white piping. Of course I know how emasculated I sound. And no, I really don’t care. I want a powder blue jacket with white piping. I want it now. Or I won’t eat my dinner.

I might try and leverage Christmas and my girl’s secret stash of ‘beans’ to achieve my goal. It’s from the hopelessly unknown brand Unfil and available from the hopelessly far away store Strato. I’d have to give my girl a hand with the proxy business, but I reckon it’d be worth the faff. The only people who currently wear pale blue quilty jackets are pensioners. I’m ready to take the look from care-home to homeboy.

It’s cotton, with polyester padding. There’s a double zip up front and hand-warmer pockets on both sides. Nothing radical about the form of the thing at all. But the pale blue owns. It’d bang with navy, but I like the idea of teaming it with baggy olive trousers, maybe some simple white kicks  — pale colours all the way. It’s refreshing is what it is. The antithesis of all the wintery grungy colours.

If Trump doesn’t win I’m going to buy this to celebrate. If he does I’m going to bury myself in the garden with a bag full of battenberg. It’s a win win.

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