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Forget the heating bill, buy this Needles sweater

So what have you been talking about this week? What topics are keeping the traps of your workmates, your family and your friends yapping? I expect it’s much the same as last week. And the week before. And the week before that. In the absence of much outside stimulus, the art of conversation is withering on the vine.

US election: Yes, we still hope Trump loses.
TV: No, a night on the sofa with a boxset doesn’t feel like a treat when it’s all you do.
The Queen’s Gambit: Yes, it’s about chess, but don’t let that put you off.
Work: Yes, we’re working more hours than ever before (caveat: but we’re lucky to have a job)
Christmas: No, it won’t be the same this year. 
Yes, another lockdown is a certainty.  

The one new conversational gambit this week goes as follows:

My flat is so cold… but I don’t want to have the heating on all day… it’d cost a fortune.

Cue universal agreement and, if you’re lucky, a side bar around, “does anyone really know how much heating costs?

Then someone will say they’d rather, “stick another sweater on“, before collapsing in giggles as though they are the first person to ever say such a thing.

Conversational rock and roll it is not.

Still, it is cold. My flat is freezing. And to be honest I’d rather spend money on a piece of interesting Japanese knitwear than another Ecotricity bill I don’t understand.

This Needles number is the only piece from the currently collection I’m especially into. Perhaps it’s The Queen’s Gambit effect, but I’m really feeling that checkerboard pattern. I’m also pretty intrigued to get into the knitted polo shirt vibe  — specifically worn unbuttoned, with a regular cotton shirt beneath. It’s not a look currently in my arsenal, but for some reason (quite possibly boredom) I’m very strongly thinking it needs to be. 

I’m digging on the purple. While splaying that three button fastening would give me ample room to ‘display’ another shirt. Sure it’s got something of the 80’s golf course about it, but I’d happily embrace a spot of Tarby and Brucie shaped style into life right now. A bit of joy, a bit of optimism.

Speaking of which… My girl tells me that a large number of younger women she speaks to plan to simply subtract a year (2020) from their age. While talk of weddings, parties, holidays, honeymoons and (gag) ‘mini-moons’ is rife. “2021 is going to be my year”, is apparently a common refrain. I’m the last one to pour liquid shit on anyone’s bonfire, but are these guys actually reading the news?

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