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Zattu: It’s nice to be reminded that bags still exist

For me, the principle function of a bag is still irrelevant. The threat of the lurgy remains too great. So I have no need to transport things from a place I’m currently in to a place I’m currently not. I’m not taking trains, or cabs. I don’t bicycle. I haven’t ventured beyond walking radius of my house for months.

I kind of miss bags. After all, for those of a certain mindset, they’re in integral piece of a look. My go-to navy Porter rucksack is gathering dust. A bloated concertina of other bags hang from pegs in the hall, unused, almost forgotten.

It’s nice to be reminded that bags still exist. And this knotty freak-show from Japanese makers Zattu does just that.

Other than the fact that their name sounds like baddie in a 50s sci-fi movie, I don’t know much about Zattu. According to the brand website, and parroted over on retailer Strato, they’re a “new brand.” Although how new I don’t know — they’ve posted 109 times on Instagram, so about that new I guess. I’ve never heard of them. But I do like what they’re doing with those climbing rope handles. The results look like punked-up South2 West8 gear.

They’re made of Cordura nylon and feature a regular looking strap for shoulder-wear, as well as the stand-out handles for handheld toting. I’m not going to get into the internal storage mechanics, mostly because I can’t, Strato don’t go into it. Suffice to say, it looks like a bag, you can almost certainly fit a laptop in it, some smokes and a couple of packs of Bobby’s Onion Rings.

That said, you might want to check out the other models in the range. This green one is my pick, but there are also rucksacks and other shoulder sacks in brown and black. They’re about £200-ish, which seems reasonable for a bag no one in the UK will have. Although I think I’ll have to sit this one out. I fear a lifestyle of laptops, smokes and low-rent convenience snacks is possibly not the best defence against the fury of Coronavirus.

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