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Hender Scheme: Nauseatingly cool

Whether it’s undeniable must-cops, or subversive fleshy monstrosities, at least you can’t accuse Hender Scheme of being boring. There are few brands more eager to constantly reimagine footwear classics — deconstucting and reconstrucing, twisting the familiar into the unusual, stitching weirdness into every vamp.

It’s remarkable to see how ahead of the pack they are. When you look at Hender Scheme it’s difficult to believe we live in a time where some blokes still stride about in pointy brogues with lime green welts and red laces.

The brogues pictured are as far from high-street hideousness as it’s possible to be. Luxurious rough-out suede, campfire hues and check out the elasticated fastening… they’re nauseatingly cool.

This hybridisation between sports/technical wear and footwear classics is Hender Scheme’s thing. Or at least, recent thing. The brand originally came to prominence via their natural leather reworkings of iconic sneakers, but it’s their urgency to overthrow footwear standards and remodel them that’s keeping Hender Scheme relevant.

Menswearmen will doubtless be reminded of Nepenthes similar multi-tone collaboration with Trickers. But let’s be fair, as much as we all love Nepenthes, these brogues take things a stage further. In those colours, the rough-out suede is a masterstroke, they look positively edible. But adding the technical fastening takes them stratospheric. I have no recollection of my life before I saw these shoes.

Course, it doesn’t mean I can actually have them. I won’t go into the tedium of price and sizing, but suffice to say: no and no. These are amazing. Phenomenal. And I’ll never own them. But if you buy them and by chance walk past me while wearing them, don’t be offended when I deliberately look away. The hurt will simply be too great.

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