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Hender Scheme: The domain of the perpetually unaffordable

Like the Sacai sweatshirt we looked at the other day, Hender Scheme shoes exist in a domain of the perpetually unaffordable. Ever thought about buying a pair of their classic sneaker clones? The natural leather finish invites you in, the £700 plus price tag reminds you it’s members only.

I’ve just spent the last 45 minutes searching for these shoes in a size 10. For Hender Scheme they seemed reasonably affordable — around £350 on Japanese sites. But of course there’s not much demand for size 10 in Japan. So I end up at Bodega, in the good old US of States, who’ve kindly stuck an extra £100 on the price.

This is the Hender Scheme Haze. The style’s been knocking about since 2019 and represents the more directional end of the brand’s output. Handmade in Japan, with a leather upper and lining and a Vibram RollinGait system (originally designed for more practical hiking boots) quality is not in question. Really, it’s all about the style. They’re stunning. If you look at these and see ‘dad shoes’ you need a therapist.

That’s a magnetic fastening by the way. That blaze of red. Just superb. Of course they’re expensive. Of course you don’t need them. But isn’t that what a life of style is about? I only have think about dropping £450 on these to get all hot and flustered. It’s a disorder my girl has chosen to tolerate.

I suppose it’s possible these will end up over at somewhere like Goodhood. But I haven’t seen them stocked in the UK so far — do drop me a line if you spot them. They’ll probably be even more brutally priced here — what with the cost of Covid and Brexit. I imagine Rishi Sunak’s drawing up a new tax on unnecessary Japanese shoes as we speak.

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