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Kapital: Risk it all for a future filled with happiness and immense Japanese trousers

Take chances they say. You’ve got to risk it for the biscuit. But in truth, most of us don’t. We stay in the underpaid job, or the unfulfilling relationship. We stick with what we have; an uncertain future remains the greatest fear.

Such is the dilemma when faced with Kaptial’s Shimokita Nore-GI pants. You already know what normal trousers do. You’ve got normal trousers. They work. So why rock the boat? Why get involved with giant, cropped baggy trousers covered in elastic bits?

Ultimately it’s about taking chances. Dare you risk disaster and embarrassment against a better future? A future filled with happiness and precious stones and immense Japanese trousers. Never forget, he who wears wins.

Having said all that… this is one intimidating pair of trousers. There’s a lot to take on. The drop at the crotch is formidable — if not strictly Hammer time, they certainly call for a small mallet and chisel. And the elastic. It’s hard to tell where the stretchy bits end and the trousers begin? The patchwork design doesn’t help. Sashiko is always beautiful, but the mix here blurs the familiar. Where exactly are the pockets? How high does that waist bit go?

Part Japanese tradition, part wrestler, part Mr Motivator: they’re greater than the sum of their parts, and then greater still. At around £300 from Blue Button Shop the price is pretty hefty too.

This is one of those instances where the limitations of the digital medium are clear. You’d really have to try these on. I imagine that wearing a t-shirt hanging out, over the copious waistband, would tame them a little. After that you’re on your own. They are amazing, no doubt. Positively heroic. But are you heroic enough to take them on?

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