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Not everyone can pull this off

The hum of flies in the kitchen. The tropical flare of the sun. The air, swollen and stubborn. British summertime: a giddy utopia for some, a torment of perspiration and wheezy exhaustion for others. Whichever camp you’re in, dressing stylishly in ravaging heat is no… Read More

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An alarming miscellany

Check out the loon bags on this brotherman. Those are some enthusiastically cropped trousers right there. And look at the hems. You could lose a baby in that floating wilderness of fabric. You’ve got to admire it. The guy is simultaneously inside and outside his… Read More

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Comfortable in my ignorance

Fed up with wearing your eco-credentials on your sleeve? Try your neck. Little says recycled porridge and a biodegradable personality more than these Kapital neckpieces. As though hewn from the very notion of giving a shit, with a handful of Al Gore’s whiskers woven in… Read More