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DESCENTE fleece: ideal for the great indoors

Normal service has resumed. The UK is once again chilly, miserable and subject to frequent drenchings. No more freaky late-summer roastings; this is weather I get. Mournful and joyless. Weather that gives Englanders an ashen complexion that lives on their faces and in their hearts. It’s weather to celebrate fleeces – if you’ve the energy to raise a hip-hooray from your womb of worry, cynicism and 20 a day.

This is no business-fleece. Nothing about this says weekend yomps up Scafell Pike. It’s by Descente, who do specialise in terrain-wear, but the colourway and design details here elevate it, (from a stylistic perspective at least) way above Ben Macdui’s peak (feel free to Google and insert your own tall UK mountain if Macdui doesn’t work for you.) Regular readers will know, I know nothing of climbing or hiking. I don’t know that much about regular walking. But I do know about being cold and this looks like it’d be quite effective at making that happen less.

There are a couple of zip pockets where you’d expect and a zippable breast pocket too. But I guess the thing that smashes you in the face with a sock-full of karabiners is the colour. It’s a punchy royal blue, off-set with giant expanses of ice-white polyester. Subtle it is not.

Course it might be that you want to a fleece like this to keep you warm as you trudge up and down drizzly places of natural beauty. In which case, at least the bold stylings are likely to frighten away The Beast of Bodmin Moor and his mates. Personally though, I see this perfectly at home in a more urban environment. Where fellow bros can quietly appreciate your stylings, where the cold is alleviated by beer-garden heaters and where the only horny beasts you’ll encounter are enjoying a hen night.

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