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An alarming miscellany

Check out the loon bags on this brotherman. Those are some enthusiastically cropped trousers right there. And look at the hems. You could lose a baby in that floating wilderness of fabric. You’ve got to admire it. The guy is simultaneously inside and outside his… Read More

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Comfortable in my ignorance

Fed up with wearing your eco-credentials on your sleeve? Try your neck. Little says recycled porridge and a biodegradable personality more than these Kapital neckpieces. As though hewn from the very notion of giving a shit, with a handful of Al Gore’s whiskers woven in… Read More

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Floating mountains and underwater spirits

Amongst the indigenous people throughout various chunks of America, the thunderbird remains a prominent mythological symbol. A super-creature of considerable power; legends boast of its feats of strength and paranormal abracadabra-ness. Thunderbirds hang out in a floating mountain according to tribes in Northern Wisconsin. While… Read More

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I want to be somewhere else

The wind tugs at the clouds, heaving them, seemingly inch by inch. Sunlight is screened, then it’s not, then it is, then it’s not… Clouds are hauled, warmth interupted. The sky drags on. An eternal conveyance. The sun, a sushi dish that never quite arrives.… Read More