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Properly finished seams are frowned upon

Outside of Engineered Garments fanboys, and practitioners of certain faiths, the whole long-line shirt thing never really caught hold on the street. I’ve personally given it a fair crack, while my favourite Instagram feeds keep the look on lock, but as a ‘trend’ it seems absent from your average Costa queue. All of which is, of course, a good thing.

This number from NAME by Noriyuki Shimizu offers an EG alternative for the long-shirtist, one that looks like it’s been dipped in the future.

While hardly cyber-goth, the details on this piece do take things in a different direction from your typical, heritagey EG version. I guess it’s about that unfinished business around the collar and, most notably, that oily looking zip. Welcome to a different galaxy clothesmen, one where properly finished seams are frowned upon and fastenings are made of Prometheus style ooze.

I’m always a fan of reverse dropped hems, and the side pockets, fudging the parameters between shirt and outerwear are a winner too. This is over at Blue Button Shop, a retailer who quietly goes about the business of selecting little known Japanese brands and exposing them to a new audience. NAME by Noriyuki Shimizu is one such brand. And based on that freaky wet-look zip alone, I’m sold.

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