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All that’s missing is A.C. Slater’s pouting face

Sometimes you’ve just got to listen to your body. My body is saying, “I’m cold“. It’s saying, “can you please put the cotton layering on hold, and just put a sweater on you ridiculous penis.” Under the circumstances, here are some sweaters.

These knitwear specials for Garbstore have been knocking around for a few weeks. I did notice them, I just forgot them. It wasn’t cold when they arrived in store. Now it appears it is.

They are the work of textile designer, Hikaru Noguchi and basically represent a micro-range of nicely made navy sweaters and cardies, with the addition of colourful darning and embroidery by Hikaru herself.

Each one is unique and appears to have been dragged through the opening credits of Saved By The Bell. Check the 80s style shards of colour. Look at those little triangles and rectangles, all that’s missing is A.C. Slater’s pouting face.

You’ve got extra fine merino wool at play here, using a “specially developed knitted loopback” – these are quality items no doubt. Guess it just depends whether this kind of thing will fit with your lifestyle? I mean, how frequently do you find that once you’ve grabbed your books and given yourself a look, you get to the corner just in time to see the bus drive by?


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