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Floating mountains and underwater spirits

Amongst the indigenous people throughout various chunks of America, the thunderbird remains a prominent mythological symbol. A super-creature of considerable power; legends boast of its feats of strength and paranormal abracadabra-ness. Thunderbirds hang out in a floating mountain according to tribes in Northern Wisconsin. While the Chippewa people believe thunderbirds spend their time fighting underwater spirits. According to my research it is only the Japanese loons at heritage-manglers Kapital who choose to picture the mighty bird puffing away on a tab.


This is a bag. A simple cotton tote bag. I can’t move for tote bags in my flat. Everything I buy these days seems to come presented inside another rough cotton bag with a logo on it. This is different. I mean, it’s Kapital for one. It’s an affordable entry-level piece for two. And for three? Well, that Shibori dye pattern is pretty cool.

I dunno, perhaps a smoking bird isn’t representative of what you feel your lifestyle should be about. Whatever. If I’m honest you can keep all that floating mountain and underwater spirit stuff, I just think it looks pretty badass. I expect if you order it from Blue Button Shop it’ll come in a Blue Button Shop tote. Just think about how useful that’d be.

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