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Slightly luxe-up your stylings

Over in their (fairly) new Soho outpost, OTHER/Shop are still quietly going about the business of decking out London’s most arch in a uniform of baggy, truncated leg-wear, simple plimsolls and wallet-blitzing Lemaire shirting. While new brand, the fossil-fuel-tutting Fanmail are getting the OTHER/Shop push right now, I still find myself drawn to their house imprint and this corduroy jacket in particular.

Loosely cut in light-weight needlecord, this may basically be a blazer (the natural point for any sportswear head to switch off) but it’s relaxed and unstructured enough to toss over even the most recreational attire.

And yeah, it’s corduroy. What of it? Corduroy is money. Not money like a splashy West London investment-gargler, all minced up in leather and red velvet. No. Just money enough to give your creasy cottons a break and slightly luxe-up your stylings.

Don’t worry, you’ll still look ‘real’. You’ll still look ‘authentic’. But of course, if you really want, just button it right to the top, team it with some burgundy chinos and a pair of driving shoes. There you go. Now you’re the guy who’s just had time to divert a bunch of NHS funding to Care UK before meeting Suki for smoked eel ricotta at The Connaught.

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