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A once every two-weeks-er

Sure, this is square cut, it’s got a bunch of useful/ornate pockets and it’s got that sort of a shirt, sort of a jacket thing going on. Bang on utilitarianism. Thing is, it’s also busting some power-patterning. Such is the tricky duality of this piece from Japanese imprint Sassafras. From one perspective it’s a day-to-dayer. From another it’s the shirt your peers will notice. The piece you hoped would form a regular lynch pin of your weekly wardrobe quickly draws unsolicited, “ha, got your big shirt on again…” witticisms.

So is it a good buy or not? Such are the serpentine puzzles facing the modern menswearist.

Not a lot of detail about this piece over on retailer Reggie Shop. Called the G.D.U shirt, it’s cotton and… that’s about it. I haven’t seen this particular style on sale in the UK, the olive green and plain navy Sassafras pieces seem more common over here. This is strong though. There’s a lot of Post Overalls/Engineered Garments about it – and coming from the familiar US-labour-wear-seen-through-a-Japanese-lens school of thought, that’s hardly surprising. But due to the rarity of patterned Sassafras on these shores, I’d say it’s well worth a cop.

As for its day-to-day appropriateness? I’d say it’s a once every two-weeks-er. As with most things in life, moderation is the key. And if that sounds harsh, there’s only one solution. Buy more shirts.

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