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999 redirects

There’s a vague sense of emergency to these new shorts from Sassafras. Can you have a vague sense of emergency? Either way, it’s doubtless the screaming orange panels. There’s something firemany going on. Or, keeping in mind the horticultural leanings of the brand, perhaps a… Read More

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Denizens of the compost aisle

The above image from Chicken Shack’s Instagram makes these Sassafrass jeans look extremely strong. Loose, riddled with contrast top-stitching, plenty of utilitarian pocketery… what’s not to love. They’re clearly a little cropped, but the way the shot works, the length looks about right. Although a… Read More

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A once every two-weeks-er

Sure, this is square cut, it’s got a bunch of useful/ornate pockets and it’s got that sort of a shirt, sort of a jacket thing going on. Bang on utilitarianism. Thing is, it’s also busting some power-patterning. Such is the tricky duality of this piece… Read More

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I’ve got a pair of Sassafras trousers, but in many ways, indeed all the ways, I’d go another pair. If you’re the kind of bro that has no interest in gardening whatsoever, but inexplicably wants a pair of trousers from a Japanese brand that specialises… Read More