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Denizens of the compost aisle

The above image from Chicken Shack’s Instagram makes these Sassafrass jeans look extremely strong. Loose, riddled with contrast top-stitching, plenty of utilitarian pocketery… what’s not to love. They’re clearly a little cropped, but the way the shot works, the length looks about right. Although a closer look at the top-down product pics calls this assumption into question.


Basically I can’t decide if these jeans are too cropped. Sassafrass’s brand ethos is, “for all gardeners“. I’m not a gardener. And if I was, I wouldn’t be kneeling in the fox droppings in a pair of Japanese denims. But even worn as urban-wear, maybe the length of these jeans says gardener a bit too much? They might work fine in Japan. But for UK sensibilities they look a bit 3/4 length. A trouser style worn only by old women shuffling around Wilko in pink Crocs and a Peacocks’ fleece. I’m not entirely down with that lifestyle.

I guess taking these in an XL would mean you could wear them lower, placing the hem closer to the ankle and less around the calf. Belt them in and you might be able to pull them off. I think they’d look savage with chunky shoes (rather than trainers) and a casually/formal top half of relaxed, collared shirt and wrinkly cotton blazer. Certainly a cut above the usual denizens of the compost aisle.

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  1. Mr Brown

    I can’t look beyond those awful socks.
    Which may not be too bad a thing.

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