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Grin like a chimpanzee

To itchy-eyed menswear gawpers this might be old news. And to be honest, when I first saw this a few weeks back, I quickly dismissed it. Now however, my anticipation for Avengers: Infinity War is so childishly heated that I feel compelled to celebrate Marvel in a site-appropriate fashion. By musing on an unwearable denim jacket covered in super hero badges.

This is from Kaptial – the Japanese denim technicians whose mastery of the fabric is matched only by their frequent indifference towards the traditional human body shape. But here there are no oddball cuts, no ballooning sleeves, just a customary denim jacket shape, meticulously constructed, with embellishments, weathering, leather, pins, patches and hardware galore. Make no mistake this is a serious collector’s piece. With a swing ticket to match.

No, I wouldn’t wear this. I tend to think that one’s love for record labels, bands, TV shows, sporting teams and even absurdly exciting blockbuster franchises that deliver everything your childhood dreams ever wanted, have no place in a man’s wardrobe. I don’t care that you’ve just discovered Joy Division and you want everyone to know. Yes, yes, you like Game of Thrones, just like everyone else. And I find it difficult to express just how few fucks I give about your decision to affiliated yourself with a bunch of clot-witted kickballers.

That said, Avengers: Infinity War will probably be the best film ever made in the history of film. I won’t wear a jacket advertising the fact. But I will grin like a chimpanzee when the team go head-to-head with Thanos. Fingers crossed Cap doesn’t die.

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