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Honesty is integral

Authenticity is all. The most meaningful component of digital content. The most effective scheme with which to engage Gen Y.  Content must be authentic. Which is why I’m diminishing the extravagance of my crumpled but expensive casual-wear by standing near some urban art works. See? Authenticity.

I could be a destitute painter, a slave to my vision, not my accountant. I could be a poet. No one’s buying poetry these days, but I simply must write, my meter is my lover. I could be a threadbare historian. Spending my days writing a book nobody wants to read, about a forgotten empire no one has heard of. I could be. I’m not though. I’m just another impossible tosspile who works in digital media who spends his money on lavish clothing. Honesty is integral to authenticity after all.


Jacket: Comme des Garçons Homme Deux
Trousers: Ordinary Fits
Top: Monitaly
Shoes: Yuketen

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