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Non-existent, yet somehow vital

If you’re a blazerman and you don’t own an Engineered Garments Loiter you are not a blazerman. I don’t know how much stock you place in being able to refer to yourself as a blazerman? Probably little. I don’t really care. But if there’s a tiny sliver of you, a minuscule piece that takes some pleasure from occasionally being able to say something like, “yeah, well, I am something of a blazerman“, and you don’t own a Loiter, consider that pleasure gone. Finished. Absent. You are not a blazerman. You are just a man. And barely that.


The Engineered Garments Loiter comes into its own as the weather gets warmer. Lightweight, unlined, workwear stylings but still smart, the Loiter is a modern menswear classic. I find the Loiter more useful even than the Bedford. A little slight on the length, the Loiter’s collar sits down for smartness and buttons up for shenanigans. Toss it over a tee to instantly elevate the most basic fit. It’s like a crispy cotton cardigan, but it’s a jacket. It’s utterly indispensable.

The jacket is available over at The Bureau in a number of interesting variations this season, a black/blue stripe, a dark floral jacquard, a mini gingham with a wide stripe, a light blue in cordlane and an insane sunset burst. The latter is available to the clinically insane only.

Basically, I’m saying go and buy a Loiter. No they are not cheap, yes you’ll get a great deal of value out of it. Any Loiter will immediately grant you access to the highly exclusive club blazerman. The benefits of which are non-existent. Yet somehow vital.

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  1. Mr Brown

    I’ve had a call from the Baker and he’s pissed you’ve blanked him.

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