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A really long vacation

There’s something of the 70s upholstery about this shirt. The print would make a nice set of curtains. It’d set off of the B&O Beocenter, the bubbling fondue and the awkward exchange of wives perfectly. But here it is as a shirt from Japanese reformists Sasquatchfabrix.


Fabric-wise it actually has a thoroughly modern make-up – a mix of lyocell, rayon and linen. While further reinforcing the contemporary, pop buttons fasten things up. Even so, it wouldn’t look out of place on a goodfella, flipping curly sausages, explaining how Fat Tony’s gone on a ‘really long vacation’. If you can pull it off, this shirt’ll make you feel tough. If you break character for a second, you’ll end up in a bin bag.

Most statement shirts, the ones that every bro and his mate pull on for a day in the park, ape the Hawaiian – a taste-free chaos of palm leaves, parrots, flowers, surfers, flamingos and pineapples. And I dare say, in wearing them, many of these pale-legged beards are reaching for a sense of ironic appreciation. Look around your park

on the next sunny day. How many ‘ironic’ Hawaiian-style shirts are there? One daft shirt is a statement. A park-full is just what everyone wears.This shirt at least keeps the print and colour palette simple, almost refined. And worn with white, like the guy pictured, it does at least propose a different feel. Not so much a late 70s gangster, more an early 80s Miami police informant. A weaselly, deceitful, snitch with bad skin. There you go, your summer style icon right there.


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