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A walking wall tidy

As warmer weather threatens, a sweatshirt made of fleece with an attached waistcoat possibly isn’t top of your must haves. You may have clocked this season’s emergent pastel tones and are considering a pair of dusty lemon shorts. At the very least you’ve probably got the iron out, angrily trying to revitalise last summer’s purchases – seeing how many of them will make the cut this season. Dropping £368 on a fleece, that during sunny beer garden sessions will broil you alive, is understandably not that appealing. Beading up as you juggle a can of Red Stripe and fag, frantically picking at the stupid built-in vest, hoping it does actually come off – it’s not a strong look.

Having said all that, and ignoring the seasonal practicalities, this Mountain Research number is a pretty solid piece.

The blab over at retailer Haven suggests that this, “offers something most sweaters don’t: abundant storage.” Clearly this is true. And if, somewhat implausibly, storage is something you are looking for in a piece of knitwear then you’re in the right place.

It’s a cotton and polyester blend fleece, with, by my reckoning, a seven-pocketed gilet bolted on. There’s even a little metal loop, for those who feel most powerful when their keys are visibly dangling from their garments.

If I’m honest, I’m not sure I need all my garments to look frantically utilitarian. I like a jacket or coat with a bunch of pockets. But a knit as well? You’d start to look like a walking wall tidy. On the right day, with weather that definitely won’t rain, or roast, in an environment where no coat is fine, then (within those perfect conditions and no others) I’d give this a go. Only your personal finances will reveal to you whether £368 represents decent value against the relative rarity of such circumstances.

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