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Going full Popeye

Regular readers will recall this site championing the wider trouser. And this long-standing preference hasn’t changed. However I do have a vague amendment to the ‘big is best’ mantra. It specifically concerns wide trousers cut parallel from the knee, as apposed to wide trousers with a gentle taper to the ankle. I’ve concluded that having a taper is best. This is not a statement I make lightly, it stems from wearing a number of parallel cut purchases, for long periods of time. It comes from fidgeting awkwardly as, sitting with my legs crossed, giant folds of material dangle from my ankles like flags. It comes from catching my reflection while thrashing down the road and feeling like half-man half-yurt.

These trousers from Document are of the parallel variety. Frequently termed ‘painters pants’. But don’t let that put you off. I have a solution.

It’s hardly a genius solution to be honest – you just get them altered. I’ve done this with a couple of pairs so far, one by Barena, one by Niche. Both were bought with the intention of breaking the back of the full Popeye look. But after the novelty wore off, I found myself passing them over in favour of more tapered, easier to wear styles. So I took them to my local tailor and had a couple of inches taken in at the hem. A very simple alteration and not at all expensive, but all of a sudden the trousers are bang on and back in rotation.

I do have a mild mental quibble with regards to fucking up the designer’s vision, but if the alternative is not wearing them, it’s no kind of quibble.

Anyway, back to the Document trousers. They’re made in Korea, they’re cotton, feature a high rise (for comfort), a part-elastic waistband and a discrete Document logo round the back. They’re a pretty reasonable $215. Although you may want to factor in a tenner for the alterations. Or you could just buy a pair already tapered from Oliver Spencer. But, you know, where’s the fun in that.

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