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Indifferent to the accepted rules

I saw this new Engineered Garments vest over at The Bureau a couple of days ago. I thought it looked okay. Then I saw the above image on the Nepenthes Hakata Instagram. Now I want this vest more than the ability to teleport into a bank vault, grab loads of cash and teleport out. And while I have been working on developing that ability for some years, I’m starting to think it’d be easier to find £221 for this.

I don’t know when we started calling ‘waistcoats’ ‘vests’? My understanding is that ‘vest’ is a more American term. In the UK a vest is a garment worn by an overweight gentleman of indistinct income, who eats chips for breakfast and watches TV with his hand down his pants. And while I don’t believe EG had this market in mind, those pockets would be useful for a gentleman’s backie and tissues.

The Instagram image at the top shows how to roll in this. I’m sure it’d look strong beneath a blazer, but worn over the top… that’s another level. I’m not even sure it’d need to pop off a contrast like it does with that green. Over a navy blazer it’d still provide some amazing interest and make you look like the kind of quirky badass indifferent to the accepted rules of layering. Which just a short step from being indifferent to the accepted rules of physics. I’ll get inside that vault yet.

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