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Carnivorous space maggots

I’ve got one of these. It’s an And Wander Stuffsack, made of Cuben Fiber, a tech material resistant to weather, wetness and tearing. In the ‘real’ world this high-performance non-woven fabric  is used for boat sails, airship hulls and kites. So don’t worry, it’ll keep your fags dry.

When they call it a Stuffsack they’re not messing around, you just stuff it with stuff and that’s it. Crammed to the chops with whatever you reasonably need, you basically just hoof it about. Yes it’s got handles and a badge on it, but it’s basically the most expensive bin liner you will ever buy.

The Stuffsack is incredibly light. Gossamer and crinkly, with a mild sheen. It crackles when moved, it crunches loudly when you stick something in it. A cat burglar’s swag bag it is not. Indeed, when loaded up with a knit, a tablet, your specs case, maybe a travel Toblerone, it looks like an alien tumour. Some irregular interstellar growth, ready to burst and shower you with carnivorous space maggots.

You can grab this in green and blue over at Coverchord, while closer to home, Alpha Shadows is offering the black and white versions. Functionality-wise, they’re good for a visit to the park or a swift overnight stay. Personally I find mine quite useful. But then I’ve always thought wearing an amniotic sac over your shoulder is pretty timeless.

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