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Free money

There’s a Comme des Garçons sample sale in Paris. 70% off everything. It runs from the 20-22 of April,  at 15 Rue du Cheval Blanc, 93500 Pantin. My girl and I were planning to go. Then we thought about the £200 we’d spend getting there and the £300 we’d spend on a hotel. We’d be spending £500 to save £500. We canceled the plan. So, from a certain perspective there’s now £500 waiting to be spent. Free money basically.

I notice that over at The Bureau, this dangerous Nicholas Daley jacket comes in at £475.00. I’m sure my girl would be happy with £25?

Money aside, this is a pretty terrifying piece. You’d need a sturdy constitution to front this helter-skelter of patch-worked-up madras. Although of course, it’s not just the butting of mismatched checks that gives this its full-power. I haven’t even thought about the colour ‘cyan’ since its inclusion on the ZX Spectrum keyboard. Yet here it is. And in a neat homage to the 80’s home computing staple, this jacket somehow manages to colour-clash with itself.

I think Nicholas Daley is one of most interesting menswear brands out there right now. It’s good to see it being picked up by more indie retailers – San Francisco’s Union Made – and fascinating to see which elements of the collection the buyers have chosen. I expect this jacket will frighten a number of consumers. All but the most confident wearer will be reduced to a subordinate role – it wears you as much as you wear it. And, in all honesty, it’s taken me a few weeks to understand it. Now I do. And now that free £500 really comes in handy.

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