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Sway around to some space-rock and ponder the wisdom of another Appletini

You’re holding a social. A few like-minded friends and associates with a couple of oddball outliers to provide uncertainty. A good mix. It’ll happen in your living room, but mostly in the garden. The forecast is fine. Cocktail weather. You’ll be offering grilled vegetable quesadillas with kale pesto; you’ve been reading Modern Barbecue Magazine. You’ve got half a mind to buy a giant box-canvas and some oils, prop it in the garden and encourage your guests to daub away – communal art… so fucking lifestyle. You wanted to serve opium, but have had to settle for a furtive block of hash from a baseball cap outside Greggs. Your soundtrack is exclusively Turkish funk. It’s going to be amazing.

Course, you’re going to need a killer shirt.

This is the ultimate pseudo-bohemian shirt. Perfect for suggesting you have an unconventional lifestyle of artistic spirituality and free-love, even as you push the Iceland fish-fingers to the back of the ice box before your guests arrive. This piece is a rarity though, it’s a collaboration between Needles and NOMA t.d. and apparently available only through Nepenthes stores and the NOMA t.d. shop in Tokyo.

The bold tie-dye pattern and unfinished hem takes the wearer to a place of psychedelic conversation and free-form M&S picky-bits. A nirvana for the contemporary dilettante. Act the part. Look the part. Stick a bucket hat on, sway around to some 70s space-rock and ponder the wisdom of another Appletini. You’re the king of the bohemians. Just without the inconvenience of actually being homeless and poor.

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