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When the trip switch goes at the salon

Somewhere on the sartorial spectrum between a holidaying Bond villain, a Mexican pool cleaner and a glassy-eyed cultist you’ll find this. Apparently Tokyo based And Wander are no longer content with their slice of the design meets activewear market. Now they’re chasing the Magnum, P.I. fan.

As a fellow aesthete, you don’t need me to tell you this is a total weapon. The mash-up of technical wear and Bangkok party boy just works. Exactly the thing to break up the comfortable monotony of a navy, grey and khaki palette.

As is my bent, I’d probably toss an unstructured Engineered Garments or Comme blazer over this and create a deliberate disharmony between the formal and the relaxed. That’s just my choice. Course, you could just drag on a pair of tight shorts and make like a the kind of guy who works in a Wolverhampton nail bar.

It’s very lightweight, mostly polyester, with a bit of nylon. And as you can see it’s a pop-over, with three snap buttons to keep your furry-chested modesty on lock. There’s reflective stitching onboard to. So if the trip switch goes at the salon, your customers will still be able to see where you’re sticking your double-ended spatula.


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