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I don’t want it to change

First it was Shoreditch. Then Brixton. Now it’s Peckham. Gentrification makes many local people very angry. I live in Peckham and it makes me angry too. I feel like Peckham, right now, at this exact moment, has exactly the right ratio of artisinal coffee shops… Read More

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Carnivorous space maggots

I’ve got one of these. It’s an And Wander Stuffsack, made of Cuben Fiber, a tech material resistant to weather, wetness and tearing. In the ‘real’ world this high-performance non-woven fabric  is used for boat sails, airship hulls and kites. So don’t worry, it’ll keep… Read More

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When the trip switch goes at the salon

Somewhere on the sartorial spectrum between a holidaying Bond villain, a Mexican pool cleaner and a glassy-eyed cultist you’ll find this. Apparently Tokyo based And Wander are no longer content with their slice of the design meets activewear market. Now they’re chasing the Magnum, P.I.… Read More