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Flaps and flourishes I can’t be bothered to figure out

With cross-body, bum-bag style pouches filling out ‘trends that are over in 2018‘ lists across the streetwear media, here’s an alternative. It’s a shoulder bag. It’s by Master-Piece. And it’s completely not a cross-body, bum-bag style pouch. Although thinking about it, you could and probably would, end up wearing it across your body. Your adherence to, or utter disregard of, the wisdom of Hypebeast et al will certainly influence whether you choose to read on.

Fundamentally, everyone needs a bag at some point and this smallish one (just big enough to avoid looking a bit too delicious) has practicality at its core. I’d consider this bag as a layering piece in its own right. Wear it under an unstructured blazer perhaps. Just poking out, in a sandwich with your shirt, gilet and outer layer.

It’s made of 1680 denier nylon apparently. Never having spent much time considering the denier of nylon I don’t know how good that is. I’ll assume quite. There’s a waterproof pocket on here and another zip pocket and a key holder and some other flaps and flourishes I can’t be bothered to figure out. Suffice to say, if you find those and wander bags that have been doing the rounds a little insubstantial, this offers more heft. Just don’t wear it across your body. Or do. But don’t.

Perhaps just check with Hypebeast before you leave the house to see what’s allowed.

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